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Secret Labs 2020 Titan Review


            Evolving from luxury and racing car seats, the genesis of the gaming chair began in 2006. Some say it began in the early 2000s as companies attempted to maximize ergonomics of office chairs. Although gaming chairs were available back then, they were not obtainable to the average consumer. Consumer stock was limited due to the prioritization of sponsored gaming teams and events. Today, we see the presence of gaming chairs in most online media, especially in the gaming genre.

           The two pioneers of gaming chairs, being DXRacer and AKRacing, still hold the torch in the industry to this day. However, they have influenced the rise of many gaming chair manufacturers that have created some of the best chairs in existence. One of these chairs is the Secret Labs Titan 2020 with SoftWeave Fabric. Secret Labs has been in the industry since 2014 and has consecutively released amazing gaming chairs.

Available Options

            Secret Labs has a great variety of customizable options for each chair. Although they have many cosmetic options, they only have 3 different versions of the physical chair. The three available chairs are based on your height and weight to achieve the best comfort for your size. The Secret Labs Omega is for people shorter than 5’11” and weigh less than 240lbs. The Secret Labs Titan offers the best support for folks that range from 5’9” to 6’7” in height and generally weigh less than 290lbs. The last chair is the Secret Labs Titan XL, which fits the builds of people who weigh 200 to 390lbs and are on the taller spectrum.

            These chairs have three upholstery options. The cheapest is the PRIME 2.0 PU Leather. This PU leather is a very flexible and durable leather. The next upholstery is the SoftWeave fabric, which is the version under review in this article. The SoftWeave is an extremely soft, breathable, cloth-like fabric. Lastly, and most expensive, is the NAPA Leather. This leather is very soft and smooth, unlike the fine dimpled PU Leather. The NAPA leather really makes your chair feel like a luxury seat.


           Secret Labs chairs ship unassembled in a large organized box which, when opened, remind me of a bento box. The first thing you will notice when you open the box is a large thin piece of cardboard that has assembly instructions on them. All the tools for building your chair come in the box so you don’t need to worry about not having a screwdriver or hex key tool. On the instructions panel there is a link to a video of how to assemble the chair which helps during the building process. It is recommended to have someone help with putting the chair together, although solo assembly is perfectly fine.

           If you wish to build it by yourself you have to be patient. The most difficult part of solo assembly is connecting the seat base to the back rest. During this process the reclining lever on the right side of the chair must not be moved from its position. Secret Labs knows of this risk and actually added a screw to lock the lever from moving. You may not notice this on the instructions provided. Once assembled that screw has to be removed. Overall, the assembly process for this chair is very straightforward and shouldn’t give you any difficulties.


            The chair I am using is the Secrets Labs Titan with SoftWeave fabric. With my previous chair I was experiencing back and butt pain from the lack of support. Once I switched to the Titan, my slumped back posture converted into a painless upright position. Also, I was able to stay seated for a much longer period compared to my previous chair. Living in a warmer climate, I am normally wearing shorts when seated. While the pamphlet for maintenance states that you should not have bare skin touching the seat, I have had my bare legs on the seat for the past three months. I have not noticed any wearing down of the SoftWeave material at all. I don’t suggest having your skin exposed to the fabric as the maintenance guide goes against it. On the other hand, it does seem like the fabric is quite durable.

The arm rest is also durable being made out of a PU material that feels like a mix between rubber and leather. The other great feature of the chair revolves around its adjustability. The arm rests can move forwards, backwards, inwards, outwards, up, and down. The ergonomics gained from the arm rest really provide a great experience while using this chair. Next, is the lumbar support that is built into the chair.

           The lumbar support is a plate built into the lower portion of the back rest that, wait for it, supports your lumbar or lower back. This alone is the main feature that has been helping fix my posture when using this chair. The lumbar support has a convenient knob for adjusting its positioning. Then we’ve got a wonderful little memory foam pillow that is strapped to the headrest. Lastly, we have the reclining and chair height adjustments. The seat height is quite explanatory. The reclining, though, makes this chair a good option for lounging or movie watching. I’ve heard of friends with the same model of chair actually taking a nap in the chair. The pillow really does make napping in the chair possible.


            Would you put a price on comfort? If you actually did, what would that price range be? Secret Labs chairs range from $400 to $800 in price depending on the size and upholstery you choose. The 2020 Secret Labs Titan with SoftWeave cost $490 plus taxes. I would consider this chair extremely expensive. However, once I owned and used the chair, I realized that this chair is worth far more than $500. Comfort has no price tag. If there was ever a Mr. Beast challenge to sit in a Secret Labs chair the longest, they would be sitting in the chair for a few years. That being said, Secret Labs has very fair pricing for the chairs they offer. This chair also comes with a 7 year warranty. I can’t tell you how to spend your money, but I can rephrase the question; how much would you pay for comfort?

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