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Best to Worst: Rogue Company Character Tier List

Everyone always wants to know what characters they should sink their teeth into. Overall the characters feel balanced which is a rare feat for hero shooters.

With the combined efforts of the Alacrity staff and our community we have determined our  Rogue Company character tier list.

S Tier

These Rogues have something in their loadout that makes them undoubtedly superior to the rest of the cast.


Rogue company is a hero shooter where shooting comes first. Given that, her passive “Elusive” may be the best ability in the game. Activating your dodge roll instantly reloads your currently equipped weapon. The Life Drain perk combos perfectly, healing you greatly when you down an enemy.

Pair this with her active ability “Quick and Quiet” where she gains increased movement speed, runs quietly and gains an immunity to reveals until she shoots, and you have a Rogue killing machine.

Her loadout also dominates in close quarters combat. Use her smoke grenade for blocking enemy sightlines or her semtex grenade to flush out players third person peeking at you. Once you close the gap her 24S smg and Striker 8×10 shotgun will out dps most opponents.


Scorch may have the greatest killing potential in the game. Her loadout includes the SL-C smg, one of the best close range weapons, and an incendiary grenade for obvious reasons.

Combining this top tier loadout with her Overheat ability and the perk Replenish is a recipe for destruction. Overheat sets people on fire with your attacks and Replenish reloads your gun when you down an enemy keeping you in the fight for longer.


Vy is a crowd control machine that excels at applying pressure on objectives.

Vile Poison creates a massive cluster of poison pools that applies damage over time. This ability is incredible for objective play cutting off your opponents pathing or pushing them out of cover, especially in the gamemode “Strikeout.” 

Vile Poison combos well with her incendiary grenades causing pure chaos for poor souls caught in the middle.

Her Nightshade SMG confirms her S tier spot with a deadly damage per second.

A Tier

These characters will be highly effective on any team composition. They have something extra to bring to the battlefield with their abilities and kit.


Ronin is a fantastic entry fragger with a close range loadout.

Her throwing knife adds a high skill ceiling to the character. The knife sticks to any surface and serves as a motion sensing mine. Play defense and lock down a doorway to the objective or play aggressively and throw a skill shot, where it explodes on impact instantly downing someone with a direct hit.

Close the gap with her fragmentation or smoke grenades and the MP7 will outperform most of your opponents in close quarters combat. 


With his Revive Drone ability, there is no question that Saint takes the top spot in the support role. Saint will make or break your team with his clutch revives from anywhere on the map.

His passive Medical Expertise also comes in handy. Reviving a teammate significantly heals both of you getting you right back into the fight.

Saint is one of two characters with a weapon that can aim down sight. FPS players will prefer the MLX Mark 4 especially with its solid damage output.


Have you ever fought a Chaac and wondered “why won’t this man go down?” 

Chaac is built to last with his overhealing Stim Pack ability. He can even dodge roll while he is down, with his passive Grit, and revive himself. 

Add the trait Life Drain to heal yourself when downing an enemy and you have a Rogue Company tank.

Give this tank his SKL-6 shotgun, which can one shot someone up close, or his D40-C smg and you’re going to have a fun time.


Dahlia’s unique active ability, Danger Close, links her with an ally for a full round. If that ally is downed she can revive them if they are within 30m. Buddy System allows her to inherit your linked ally’s passive as well.

Linking with teammates adds a high skill ceiling to Dahlia with many combinations and strategies.

Tag on the Lifeline trait to revive teammates significantly faster and start their health regeneration immediately. 

Her Objection SMG and MX-R DMR are top tier weapons in the damage department confirming her high rank on our list.

B Tier

Rogues in this tier are over all average and well balanced but fall short to their upper tier counterparts.


Phantom is the obligatory sniper Rogue in the game. If you are a skilled player then Phantom is easily A tier with her one shot to the head LR15 Sniper Rifle and any damage you do will delay their health regeneration with her passive ability Grievous Wounds

Unfortunately her scoped weapons can be a big disadvantage in close quarters combat. She is also situational depending on the map knocking her down to B tier.

That said, her Nano Smoke uniquely covers enemy sightlines and reveals someone that steps into it. This pairs well with her Sticky Sensor detecting enemies in its radius to cover her flank.


Dallas specializes in gaining intel for the team to turn engagements into your favor. 

His active ability, Target Finder, reveals the closest enemy to you briefly and his passive will Recharge your active when you down someone.

Taking down opponents is a piece of cake with his high damage Devotion DMR. 


If you enjoy playing defensive characters then Anvil has you covered.

His main ability, Barricade, is a nuisance on objectives placing down a very durable shield for the team.

He will hold down the point from enemy breachers with his passive, Immunity Gain, making disorient and blind effects useless against him. Defend your shield with the Active Protection System

Pick up the Headstrong trait to gain an additional 25 armor and he isn’t going anywhere soon.

His weapons are average at best holding him back from the A tier. The Arbitrator shotgun is highly effective up close but you have to reload after only firing two rounds. Anvils MLX Maw LMG damage output is also mediocre compared to other automatic guns in the game.


Dima is a well balanced breacher, great for pushing through enemy defenses.

The MIRV Launcher shoots a cluster grenade, great for multi-kills on the objective. While thats on cool down you still have an EMP and fragmentation grenade to work with.

Dimas passive Burned reveals enemies that you down briefly which isn’t very useful to the team.

Both the KA30 Assault rifle and Mamba DMR are average at best unless you land consistent headshots.

Dima is a great pick for beginners with his balanced and easy to learn loadout.

C Tier

These characters could use some tweaking. They underperform when up against everyone else due to the shortcomings of their weapons and abilities.


Another intel Rogue, Talon throws a Radar Dart which attaches to surfaces and reveals nearby opponents on the radar.

This ability is easily destroyed when shot making it less effective than Dallas’ scanning ability.

His passive, Mag Gloves, lets Talon pick up items from range which is situational and not very impactful.

The LMP-X SMG and D3D-i DMR are underwhelming but will get the job done in most cases.


Trench is built to defend objectives with his Barbed Wire Grenade which creates a field of barbed wire that slows enemies. 

This would be great except that you can easily destroy it with your melee or a grenade. A well placed Active Protection System will counter the grenades but are easily destroyed when shot.

His passive Gadget Up is quite useful allowing him to carry an extra gadget. Having three tear gas grenades, once it is fully upgraded, helps make up for the failing barbed wire while defending.

The HRM-30KS assault rifle is mediocre at best. Instead use his powerful MX-R DMR. Unfortunately this gun is easily countered at close range where automatic weapons are superior.

D Tier

The lowest tier characters could use some Hi-Rez love. There are fundamental problems that should be addressed before they will enter the meta.


Glitch has an underwhelming loadout and abilities.

His active ability Hack Activate detects nearby enemies and infiltrates their systems. This ability only jams the identity of the electronics, not their functionality. Unless you forgot your keybindings this ability is basically useless. 

His passive ability Intuition Detect shows you nearby enemy equipment through walls. This doesn’t help you much when most of the equipment are throwables that give you visual cues anyways.

Glitch’s SKL-6 shotgun and LMP-X are also subpar leaving him with the worst loadout in the game.


Rogue Company surprised us with its fast paced gameplay and overall balanced cast of characters. We are excited to see what the future holds for this free to play hero shooter.

What are your thoughts on our tier list? 

Let us know your top three characters in the comments below.

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